About Us

Art Contemporary is an online art gallery, offering high quality, limited editions art and designs. We  create what you are  looking for, abstract, edgy, bold, zen, with a unique point of view. We curate our collections with passion, to inspire your designs and lifestyle.  Complementing Interior Designers and Art Enthusiast that are looking for something different. 


Creative Director 

An award-winning contemporary artist, Michele Guarino has been professionally involved in the world of art for the past three decades. Her work has appeared in numerous websites, exhibitions, galleries, luxury homes, affluent clubhouses and private collections. Her studies include Parson’s School of Design in N.Y.C., Southeast Center for Photo/Graphics and Fine Art at the University of Miami.


Communications Director 

Having over 30 years of passion in the art field, Laura Borghi is a 2nd generation private art dealer. She specializes in Fine Art from 15th century to the 20th century, contemporary and modern art work. She has extensive knowledge in Exhibitions, Estates, Private Collectors, Appraise, Conservation and Education.  Her keen perception and years of experience, has foster the love and understanding of the art world.